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Oct. 20th, 2014 06:36 pm
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Guess what, this is a HMD. Comments are screened.
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ROMEO ( myblueskies )
Zett's roommate, the one he's closest to. Romeo tends to make him feel like a bad demon, for trying to reassure the kid that he'll go to Heaven, but he's so cute that Zett can't help it. Playing games with him is fun, too.

GAMZEE MAKARA ( hystericull )
While Gamzee is one of Zett's roommates, they don't often interact: this is probably for the best. Gamzee is weird, and not in the good way.

VEIGAR ( isthatashortjoke )
Another roommate, who tried to designate Zett a minion. Unlikely to actually boss him around. Seems to be puffed up more than he deserves.

LUCIFEL ( brbtalkingtogod )
An unfallen version of Zett's king - Zett's designated him an uncle instead, through Setsuna's line. Lucifel doesn't seem to know what to do with this demon, but at least they get along.

ENOCH ( warriorscribe )
Zett's first 'uncle', who is far more kind than anyone associated with Heaven ought to be. And a total badass. Zett's pretty sure this was a good choice in family.

APRIL SINCLAIR ( technologic )
Zett's teacher in using electricity for more creative things than just blasting people. Zett is grateful to her, and was pleased to be able to attend her wedding to the Messiah.

ZOE GALLAIS ( papillonmagique )
An angel, but not an asshole of an angel. Also plays a mean ball pit game, shares her alcohol, and is fun to talk to even if she doesn't hold back with her snarking.


NESIR AESER ( culbutiri )
Was on Zett's team in the mass infiltration. Seems sensible.

MINATO ARISATO ( evokingfool )
A teammate in the mass infiltration. No real opinion of him.

SOLAS ( repeatingsun )
Last teammate in the mass infiltration. ...Sorry for forgetting you.

JUDAS ISCARIOT ( thirtybits )
The betrayer of Jesus, and... looks to be too hard on himself.

FADO ( lookmanostrings )
Philosophy? Splashing with water? Zett appreciates both these things.

RIKU ( justabignobody )
Has cute pets. And dangerous ones, supposedly. The same pets.

NAOYA ( crouching_sin )
Agrees with Zett on the most important point: fuck angels. Fuck 'em.

DARK PIT ( alae )
Met over the network: agreed that gods are jerks. No serious opinions on him.

NUE ( undefines )
Discussed the nature of 'monsters' with. Seems like an interesting girl, if a little weird even to him. Then again, he's weird too.

AQUA ( humility )
Helped out in the quarantine. No real opinion of her; neat weapon.
credit: [community profile] exclusive.


Sep. 8th, 2013 07:58 am
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[Zett is dressed tribally. Complete with skull-headed bone staff, which is actually bigger than him and he struggles to keep upright.]

I don't think anyone could pull this off.

Who has the worst outfit here?
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Zett Takajo


Dec. 18th, 2012 05:23 pm
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Hey, community.

[Standing on a cliffside, Zett waves before pointing the camera away from him and towards a heated battle below.

Well. Frozen would be a better term for it.

One side of the battle: the snowmen you've all come to hate. On the other: Frosts. The regular Jack Frosts, and also Petit Frosts, Lemon and Strawberry and Melon Frosts, Frost Aces... They're all shouting taunts.

Get ready for a hee-ho down!

Who the ho do you think you are, trying to compete with Jack Frosts!?

You couldn't stand up to a pinch of salt, hee-ho~!]

What is the weight of a man's pride?


Dec. 1st, 2012 09:54 pm
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[Wherever Zett is, it's dark, lit by creepy-looking candles. He's walking along as he talks.]

Look. About that fly thing. Just so any of you don't get the wrong idea-

Zett! [Another demon walks up, minus dumb-looking horse. He and Zett shoulderhug.] It's been a while since you came down to see us. What have you been doing?

It's a long story, Berith. [Zett laughs, and separates from Berith.] Anyway, I was just about to- hey, where's Phegor?

[Berith opens his mouth to speak when the camera gets knocked onto the floor, and shows that the previous holder of the book-camera has been knocked to the floor by a smaller demon. Minus duck.]

Brother, you were away too long!

Geeze, I was going to come back soon- hey, hey, stop that, that tickles-!

[While Zett and Phegor engage in a tickle fight, Berith sits to the side and watches them. Eventually it seems like Phegor's winning, when suddenly, Zett's form blurs and turns into this humanoid fly demon.]

Got you! [With the addition of extra arms, the tides have turned in Zett's favor.]

No fair- hahaha!

You two... [Berith sighs and, noticing the book, closes it.]
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So. 'Internet'. We need to have a talk. Right now.

What do I have to do to get you to stop making pictures of Setsuna and Mirai sleeping with each other? And random faceless people, and demons...

Really. What do I have to do? Because it would be nice not to have to blow the whole thing up so they'll never, ever see these.
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yeah I'm picking out his skills here ignore me.

1. Zio
10. Tentarafoo
20. Mudo
30. Poison Mist
40. Maha Zionga
50. Bufudyne
60. Old One
70. Megidola
80. Judgment of Darkness
90. Lily's Jail
100. Guardian Hammer


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